Singing the New Song: Using Worship As A Weapon – Part 1

Did you know you can use worship as a weapon?

In some of the most difficult seasons in my life, I have learn’t to climb into worshipping the Father in greater measure.  I have found that leaning into God through worship one of my most favourite weapons in displacing what the enemy intended for evil in my life.


Today, I want to share with you some of my thoughts on how you can use worship as a weapon to defeat the powers of darkness. I’m going to do this over three blogs – let’s start this week with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of using your song as a weapon.

1. Worship is not just for musicians.

Firstly, don’t be put off if you can’t sing or play an instrument.  To sing to God is a command – and it’s not just for the so called ‘talented’ people!

Psalm 96:1 NIV – “Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.” 

All the earth must sing! Not just those who think they have a good voice.  So you are qualified to worship him with your song!

2. What does NEW mean?

The word new in this verse is the Hebrew word ‘Chadash’ which means ‘new’ and ‘fresh’

The root word also infers something that is ‘restored’, ‘repaired’ (from the Hebrew word ‘Piel’) and to ‘repair oneself’ (from the Hebrew word ‘Hithpael’).

This infers that we are commanded to sing the song that:

  • Is new and fresh;
  • Brings restoration and repair;
  • Brings healing to ourselves;

I also love these two thoughts from the Gesenius’s Lexicon describing the Biblical usage of the word “new”:

“…Etymologists have well observed that its primary sense is that of cutting and polishing…the significance of newness appears to proceed from that of a sharp polished splendid sword.”


“PIEL – to renew….especially to repair or restore buildings or towns’.

From these implications we can assume that the new song is:

  • Forged, cut and polished – it is well written, or presented well;
  • Sharp – it reaches the target it is designed for and cuts through the hardest of hearts;
  • Splendid – it is beautiful in nature – it is a work of art.

It is fresh, new, yet it is also a repaired and restored sound. It can be something that is spontaneous, yet it also can be a structured song.  Both have been inspired from the Holy Spirit.  It is a sound that is fresh and exciting but at the same time can also sound familiar or sound like ‘home.’ It can be a song written and released for the right moment in time, yet be sung one hundred years later, much like the hymns of Charles or John Wesley and still be relevant and fresh.

Don’t underestimate the power of the new song and what it can do in the hearts of people and yourself.  Don’t dismiss something because it is old, or has been ‘done before’, yet at the same time, don’t dismiss that which is new and unfamiliar.  The new song is everywhere and ready for all who have ears to hear and mouths to sing.

When you sing a new song – you bring repair. Does anything need fixing in your life? Sing!