Singing the New Song: Using Worship As A Weapon – Part 2

This week we are going to continue exploring the theme of how to use worship as a weapon.  If you haven’t read part 1 – you can do so HERE.


We have been discussing why we would sing a new song to the Lord, because it’s important to know why we do what we do, before we do the HOW. Last time, we discussed that the new song:

  • Can be sung by everyone (not just worship team singers)
  • Is not just something fresh and new, but also something that is repaired, or brings repair;
  • Can be forged, cut and polished;
  • Can be spontaneous or structured.

Let continue unpacking what happens when we sing a NEW song.

1. The new song makes people see

Psalm 40:3 NIV

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD.

When you sing the new song, it’s not just about people HEARING it.  This scripture says when you sing, people will SEE!

There are many songs, even worship songs that are pleasing to the ear – they sound nice and they are written well.  However the new song is bigger than that, it helps people SEE the Lord. What an amazing thought – that when you release the new song, people not only hear but they see and put their trust in the Lord.

2. The greatest form of warfare is displacement.  The new song makes the enemy fall off his throne!

Displace the enemy by worship. Don’t occupy the problem with your thoughts. Adore who God is and watch the enemy fall.

When the Israelites went to war, it was always the singers and musicians that went first.  This dumbfounded the enemy as they were met with singing and celebration to the King of Kings.  It’s not the first thing you would expect in a battle!  But this also indicates that to release the song of the Lord, you were considered a worship warrior.  You were part of the army.  To be part of an army, you not only need to be bold but you need to be strategic. You need to have knowledge of the battle.

This type of warfare is not about being on the defensive all the time – or fighting to hold your ground. It’s about being on the offensive.  It’s saying, “I don’t just protect what I have, I take more ground”.

Displacement is restful.  It can often feel like you are fighting all the time. But to worship, is a rest. To be in His presence brings peace.  You can displace the enemy with peace. Taking ground is not about being in the battle zone all the time. It can be about being in the ‘control room‘ – retreat and spend time with the father.

Are you finding it hard to see? What song can you sing, spontaneous or structured that can help you begin to see?