Why You Need A Mentor

Do you know if you need a mentor?

As someone who has been in ministry for 30 years, one thing I don’t see enough is people seeking out mentors. I believe my success in life has been because of trusted mentors who have helped guide me on the way, not just in the good seasons of life, but also the difficult ones.

Firstly, lets unpack this question –What is a mentor?

Simply put, a mentor is someone who you might look up to in your genre, ministry, or work. Someone who has more experience than you, that you can learn from and be inspired by.

Why people DON’T have a mentor…

I find that people would love a mentor, but they often say they ‘can’t afford it’, or ‘it’s not a priority’. I have said the same thing myself over the years!

Yet many of these same people secretly wish they did have a mentor, just as long as it’s not at a cost to them.I’m not talking about just a financial cost here, but also the cost of being vulnerable to another person and being accountable to someone who will shine the light on areas where we may not see as clearly as we would like.

I want to encourage you today to change your mindset around this…

Let me make a shocking statement –Every single person should have some sort of mentor.

We all can learn more. There’s always someone who has gone before us that we can glean from.

In fact most successful people almost always have mentors. You don’t have to be a millionaire or be hugely successful in your field to have a mentor – you just need to have a heart to learn from someone who has gone further than you have.

The person or medium may change over the course of your career, ministry and life (because as you grow you will need different things), and at times you may have more than one mentor. For example, I glean from certain people for ministry and business, and others for family.

Let me add another controversial statement….

Mentoring should cost you something.

When something costs you, you are more intentional about learning.

Here is an exmaple. I have given away my online courses at times to some of the most promising and talented people I know. Guess what? Most of them never even watch the course. And if they do, many don’t implement it.

The ones I see thriving, have paid full price, or they have sacrificed something in their life to study and pursue more of what God has for them. You see, paying for something, allowing something to cost, is part of the learning process. You have greater value for it, because you had to sacrifice something to gain it.

There’s been times when I have spent singificant money on online training…and I tell you what…it’s made me work a lot harder at achieving the goal I desire from those courses, because it cost me something. I didn’t want it to be for nothing and I have never regretted it!

Why you need a mentor

You have already heard me say everyone needs a mentor, so this is kind of a loaded question :). Here’s some practical reasons why a mentor may be good for you:

  1. To gain more wisdom and knowledge from someone who has gone before you. Not just for information. (You can get that from you tube or anywhere on the internet). Reading an article will give you insight and advice, but a mentor will give you tools that you can use for the rest of your life.
  2. To learn from their mistakes. A mentor relationship is a great way to learn – hearing from someone else who may have already tried what you are thinking of trying. Did it work? Did it fail? Save yourself time, energy, and often times money by listening and learning from someone who has walked the road before you.
  3. They will often see things that you don’t. If you’re stuck, or even if you want to move forward – mentors can often see the gaps you don’t see, and help you move in the right direction. They offer constructive criticism that is tailored just for you.
  4. Mentors will push you, instead of always patting you on the back. They do this by their training, asking direct questions, and being there for the big and small decisions you will need to make.
  5. They are your biggest cheerleader. I have found people often don’t move forward simply because they are discouraged. You always need someone in your corner. Reminding you that you have value and your contribution is needed and wanted
  6. A good mentor will give you tough love. They will ask the hard questions. They will have expectations that you will complete ‘homework’ or you will implement ideas. You’re not just sitting with goals and plans in your head – you are accountable to someone who will make sure you set out to do what you want to do.
  7. Mentors can be a great sounding board – sometimes you simply just need someone to thrash ideas around. A mentor is great for bouncing ideas off.
  8. Mentors can connect you with other people.Mentors have a great eye for seeing who works best with others, and for connecting you with people they think will help you and your gifts thrive. This is particularly important in creative industries – a mentor for example will have a great resource of producers, songwriters, film makers, worship leaders etc. You can draw from their network. A lot of our students in our worship school for example, have remained friends and connected amongst each other and their unique skills sets – and it’s been a joy to watch!

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Roma XX