When God says ‘NO’

The quote in this picture reflects the last 7 years for me! I laid down some dreams because I felt the Lord said to…and every now and then I would walk back to them and say “God has this died, or can I pick it up again?” And He would say “not yet child, soon you can run with this again- but not yet”.
I’ve heard “no” a lot more times than I’ve heard “yes” in these last 7 years.
So…how has that made me feel?
☹️ Well at first I was frustrated.
😔 Then I went through a phase where I didn’t recognize my value aside from my gift.
😞 In the end I thought it was dead and over because it had been so long.
I moved on. Looked to new things. Thought I “got it wrong”.
Then one day…I heard God say…”yes”.
When I went back to the dream, it looked different, because I was different.
I picked it up and it was a new dream, a better dream.
God knew all along!
So this is my view on “no”.
💝 It makes you truly define what you REALLY want your life to look like.
💝 The process can change you for the better (if you let it)
💝 You will have a choice to run, be disappointed or angry or ….. (the list goes on) – or to soften, gain empathy for others, to be humbled by the “stop sign” 🛑
💝 It allows God to move when He is ready- not when you think you are ready…because get this- YOUR DREAM IS NOT ABOUT YOU.
💝 When opposition comes after you have heard “yes” – you will stand strong because you know you are right where God wants you to be.
So what do you do when you’ve heard no?
🙏 Do what the father asks, even when it’s hard.
🙏 Know that a whole lot of “no’s” is eventually going to amount to one big amazing “yes”.
🙏 Work on yourself. Your heart, your health, your relationships. Your marriage, your skill set.
🙏 Enjoy a new pace- leave the rat race and stop trying to prove yourself…it’s glorious and will set you free!
🙏 Learn the joy of waiting- it’s setting you up for the best season of your life!
Roma XX