Review: The Rise by Jon Owens

Jon Owens The RiseRecently, I had the privilege of previewing a new album before it hit the worship world – by my new friend in the USA, Jon Owens.

Jon and I met in the California earlier this year and I loved not only his voice and his songs, but his heart. It was great to hear his testimony. At the time, he was in the middle of a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise the funds needed to record The Rise. It was a joy to hear that every day, people were donating to the project, and also a joy to watch a dream humbly unfolding in Jon’s life.

It was here that I had the privilege of hearing some of the highs and lows of his personal and ministry life.  Jon and his very gorgeous wife are the parents of 4 very boisterous boys….and a beautiful little girl who sadly and unexpectedly went to heaven before her 2nd birthday.

The sadness and the ‘full stop’ one must feel losing a child is just hard to imagine. What struck me about Jon was how he honored God the whole time he was telling us his story, and how he and his wife saw the hand and heart of God during this dark season of their lives.

I love how they continue to serve the Lord in worship ministry with joy and thankfulness in the midst of this. To feel loss, yet hope for more is a true reflection of Christ working deeply in a persons heart.

Only recently I saw a Facebook post where he and his family celebrated the anniversary of their daughters birthday with cupcakes, smiles and balloons even though she is not here on the earth.

The Rise by Jon Owens

In light of all of this, it is easy to listen and receive from his new live worship project, THE RISE. It’s hard for me not to listen to the words and think about what they must have gone through, the hope, wisdom, and most importantly, the authority they have to declare who God is through pain and suffering. To worship Him in joy and thanksgiving even when we don’t understand brings healing in itself. The Rise, is about resurrection life – which is stronger than death!

Stylistically, those who love their worship in the style of Gospel artists like Israel Houghton, a mixture of poetry and cleverly thought out lyrics, mature vocal sounds with thick harmonies, syncopated melodies and a big live production will love this EP.  You can buy it on iTunes here.

You can also watch the video from Jon’s Kickstarter here:

“New life can rise every dead thing….He’s alive and you are welcome to the party!”  – from the song “Live Forever”