The Day I Resigned From Church So I Could Do My Job

Finding Your Passion and Purpose to align with Your Function

A few years ago when on staff at a local church, we did an exercise where we wrote down what percentage we spent of our time on different activities in our ministry role.

My results shocked me. And it’s one of the reasons I resigned.

You see, I was asked to come on staff to write songs and develop a prophetic culture in the worship. (My favourite thing to do)…

But when I broke everything down into percentages- that was what I spent the LEAST amount of my time doing. 

The rest of my time was caught up in admin, doing rosters, meetings, and a big 80% of my time was…get this…on the platform either leading worship or speaking/teaching.

Don’t get me wrong, that amount of time is not a problem if: 

A) that’s why you are in the role/you took the job (i.e it’s your PURPOSE);

B) it doesn’t prevent you from doing what you are called to do/what you do best (i.e it’s your PASSION).

And to make it worse, my prayer life was around 5% compared to everything else I was doing!

This was an eye opener for me. I could sense something wasn’t right for a while but laying it all out on paper gave me a visual cue to why I was feeling unsettled.

So I did something pretty drastic. I resigned. 

Now I’m not saying that’s what you need to do – but because my purpose and passion for my life was not fitting the requirements for that role – it was getting eaten up by other things…I knew I had to make a big change.

So I resigned…but I stayed on the team for another 3 years.

And by doing that, I was able to devote my time to song writing and developing the prophetic culture we hungered for as a church. That church today now flourishes in those areas and I feel deeply humbled and honored to have played a small part in the journey.

Are you getting this…for me to do what was needed…I had to get off staff. 

And I became free again because I was in the centre of my passion. I began to thrive and I’ve never looked back!

And of course the most important aspect of all of this was – that for me to truly succeed and release all God wanted through me – I needed more time in the secret place. 

Why am I sharing this?

Our time with the Lord can’t just be a moment we enter in to, but a place we dwell in. 

If your’e feeling stuck – why don’t you try out this exercise for yourself:

  • Sit down and write down what your passion and purpose is in your life…
  • Put a percentage next to all the things you do in relation to that. (Ie worship leading, songwriting, rehearsals etc)…
  • Are those percentages aligning with that purpose and passion? Write down your thoughts…

If it isn’t make the change. 

  • Most importantly – how much of that percentage is spent in the secret place? 

If time with the Father is the smallest percentage on your list- make a change – and do it soon! It should be our highest priority.

God has given you something and He wants you to tend to it, He wants you to look after the gift He’s given you so it will grow and flourish. 

I’m praying today that your purpose and passion will completely align with your function. Be vigilant and protect your mandate and your prayer life today.

Roma XX

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