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A few months ago I received a dream from the Lord and have pondered it until now. I feel this dream is pertinent to what is happening right now in Australia.

In the dream I was in the car with my mother. I was a child again. We were driving along with mountains in the distance. As I looked at the top of the mountains I began to hear and see a giant shadow of a horse galloping along the tree tops. I said to my mother “Wow! The Lord is showing me a vision!”. As a child I was delighted and amazed.

As I kept my eye on this shadow, it began to gallop towards me and down to a road. As it came closer, I saw that it was an incredible black stallion. It’s coat shiny and healthy. A strong horse full of confidence and identity. It was stunning to see. As it reached the road, it slowed down to a canter.

It began to trot along the road at an easy pace. On each side of the road were trees and shrubs. All of the sudden from one side, out came a man and a woman of Aboriginal descent. They walked behind this gallant stallion.

A few seconds later, again from the shrubs, a man and woman of American Indian descent came in line behind the Aboriginal couple.

Then it began – a flurry of many different Indigenous peoples from all over the earth, falling in line by line behind each other, following the great black horse. There were so many – some from places I still do not know.

Then the dream ended. For many months I have pondered this dream and therefore have not released it until I felt I had the true interpretation of it. I now believe this is what it means.

Jesus is the stallion
Jesus is of course the black stallion – He is black because he is a ‘black fella’ too! He stands as the captain of the army, the front line commander – for all Indigenous peoples! He is the head of the family! That is why He can be trusted.

The role of Australia’s First People
The first in line were the Indigenous peoples of Australia. I believe this means when they take their rightful place of honour following the Lords commands, they will not only be an example to other nations, they are setting in place a series of events that will allow other marginalised people groups to follow.

It’s about ALL nations
For many years we have thought that what is happening amongst our First Peoples was just about our nation, but its actually about THE NATIONS. As the oldest Indigenous people group in the world, what happens here is going to affect all Indigenous Peoples accross the earth.

A call
To my Indigenous brothers and sisters – this is not the time to retreat back in discouragement and helplessness. You are to stand in your birthright as offspring of the black stallion. You are to continue the walk with your head held high. Many are following after you. Many will follow in your footsteps as you walk in His footsteps. This is about you, but it’s also about MORE than you. You are part of a Global decree to bring freedom to all.

The stallion was not in a rush. He cantered so that all can follow! You won’t be running to catch up, and as you follow, you are also leading others.

I see the tether in the spirit between our First peoples and the ancient ground we all stand upon. When you stand, following the black stallion, your customs and ways becoming aligned with the purposes of the Fathers heart, there is a healing coming in the land. You are a doorway to this healing.

It is time for you to be empowered, released and restored in greater measure to this role as Guardians of the Land.

The Indigenous Angels of Australia
I see Indigenous angels standing alongside you to fulfil the purposes that the Lord has desired for many generations. They have been here waiting to release the purposes of Heaven from the centre of Australia to the edges of it’s shores. I see them fulfilling decrees as the Elders stand strong.

The sound coming from the tops of the trees
In the dream, I am in the car with my mother and I see and hear the shadow of the stallion on the tops of the trees.

Firstly being with my mother represents a generational call and a generational blessing. I am ‘white’ and I believe the Lord is showing me that when our black brothers and sisters take their place as leaders, there is a call and blessing that will spill out on every people group in our beautiful nation! This is a blessing for the generations of every family line. When they are blessed, WE ARE BLESSED!

The Lord then led me to 2 Sam 5:24: “And it shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then you shall advance quickly. For then the Lord will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines.”

This is so exciting – when we see the ‘shadow of things to come’ – which is seeing in part, but not the whole picture, things will advance quickly. This time is now.

I then looked up the characteristics of Mulberry trees. A website said this: “Mulberries do not bud until all danger of frost is past, and so they symbolise calculated patience. When they do produce buds, it happens so quickly that it seems to occur overnight, displaying and thus symbolising expediency and wisdom”. 

It can be frustrating waiting for the completion of all the Lord has promised when we don’t understanding what is unfolding. But we must not lose heart. The fruit will come when danger has passed. What a wonderful promise from the Lord, that fruitfulness will come at the right time, when it will not be destroyed by the change in seasons.

We say Lord, come take your rightful place so that all can follow.