Worship Leaders: Do You Know Your Sphere of Influence?


Not many people are aware of what a Sphere of Influence even is, and basically your Sphere of Influence is…

Where does your authority lie?

One reason why we don’t see breakthrough is because we don’t understand where our authority lies. It is possible that you may be trying to influence atmospheres in an area that you have no authority in. Once you connect your song with the sphere that you have authority in, it is powerful. Knowing where you are meant to be and who you are meant to influence means you can “hit the target” rather than just anywhere on the dartboard!

My journey in finding my “sphere”

When I began releasing radio singles, it became very clear that the demographic that was most impacted were women between the ages of 25-40 years old. Without intention in aiming at this age group, my songs were reaching them. For a season, when I was asked to speak and sing, it was often at women’s events. If I had taken those songs and tried to sing them in an aged care facility, or in a kindergarten, I would probably be met with blank stares. My authority was not in those areas.Yet it was obvious that my influence was with this demographic.

When I began to sing prophetically and began leading worship, I was amazed at the effectiveness and peace I experienced. What seemed most natural to me and therefore not requiring much effort, has had the greatest impact.  Why? Because my calling is to release the prophetic and lead worship.  It has taken me 20 years to realize this. This is the sphere of influence that I have grown into. When I connected my song to that, power from Heaven was released in greater measure.

I also remember a time when I was first starting to sing I was asked to perform before a ‘life metal’ band at a Christian festival.  Who knows why the organizers thought that was a good combination but I began my set performing to a crowd who was waiting for a very popular band to come on and perform.  Most of the crowd were males in black heavy metal t-shirts and long hair! They were bored and they showed it! It was a terrible experience.

Why is it important YOU find your sphere of influence

If I had taken that experience and put my identity in it, I would have made the assumption that what I have to offer has no influence or is not important. This is where many people end up in their thought process. They have an experience and because they did not make an impact, they think they have no impact. But it can often be because you are not ministering in what is YOUR sphere of influence.

Take action!

Think about your life right now–what things bring you energy and life? Write them down–even if they don’t relate to what you think is your gift. You may surprise yourself. For example, I discovered that songwriting and writing books was one of my greatest loves, yet I spent most of my time singing on a platform. When I began to spend more time writing, I experienced a centering and balance that overflowed into my anointing as a public minister.

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