Intention vs. Intuition: The Story Behind My New Book “Releasing Heaven’s Song”

Roma Waterman - Releasing Heaven's SongI’ve always been an intuitive kind of girl. I’m generally led by what I sense and I have been like that since I was a kid. I didn’t realise until I got older this was actually part of a prophetic gift that has been on my life since I have been born. As I have grown to understand the call on my life, I have stepped out more in faith to use the gifts God has given me. In doing so, I have seen an increase on the prophetic call on my life.

Then I hit a bump in the road. People started asking me how I sing and write prophetically. To be honest I had no idea. I was not INTENTIONAL, I was just INTUITIVE. There’s a big difference. There’s a Graham Cooke quote that goes something like this: “When we do by intention what we used to do by intuition, we achieve acceleration.”

We must marry our heads and hearts.

In the last ten years this has led me on a journey of not only working in my gift but trying to understand why I do what I do. This has led me to ask big theological questions, study the word, and yes, it has made what I do much more intentional. I love this about God – that it truly is a marriage of the head (knowledge of the word of God) and the heart (revelation of the word of God in my life).

Which is why I wrote my latest book “Releasing Heaven’s Song.” I had so many people asking me to teach what I did intuitively, and I realised that if I didn’t become more intentional in understanding how I did what I did-I couldn’t teach anyone. I couldn’t pass the mantel on. This gift would die with me.

Teaching is more powerful than doing it yourself.

I believe teaching others how to do what you do is far more powerful than just doing it yourself. That’s what discipling is all about! I think it’s far better and more fruitful for 100 people to be releasing Heaven’s song across the earth, than one person who is the man (or woman) of the hour.

Jesus came to earth as the son of God, yet discipled 12 normal human beings to do what He did. So much so, that he told the disciples “Greater works than these shall you do”. (John 14:12) An amazing thought that with all the amazing miracles in the Bible Jesus states that us normal, flawed human beings would achieve more works through Jesus than what the bible has recorded! Sometimes when I think about this scripture, I imagine some of the greatest miracles Jesus performed. Then I try to imagine seeing more than that achieved through the earth – in our church, in our community, yikes – even through me! It totally blows my mind!

Intention increases intuition.

This book is my INTENTION, over INTUITION. But in being more intentional, intuition increases. This is me showing and teaching you how you can release the spontaneous song, the prophetic voice of the Lord to change the atmosphere wherever you go. I’ve included lots of scriptures and Bible examples, practical applications you can workshop at home or in your worship teams–both for singing, playing and even songwriting. I hope in doing so, we can start a movement of God artists that can release a spirit of awakening and revival wherever our creative endeavours take us. Let us not underestimate the power of being intentional.

Releasing Heaven’s Song is available on Amazon Kindle.

See what others are saying:

Finally, someone has explained it. This practical and incredibly insightful book is a must read for every church, every leader, every worshipper, everybody.”

“Roma does a great job at not only explaining the ‘why’ of the New Song, but the ‘what’ and the ‘how.’ This is a wonderful guide, especially for those who are beginning as prophetic singers, musicians and worship leaders, but not excluding those who are ‘seasoned’ as well.”

“Roma has a great gift for taking what can be a difficult, thorny topic and making it seems simple, or better yet, doable. She dishes out generous amounts of gentle encouragement for worshippers to get our heads out of our chord charts and turn our eyes to the real object of our affection, God Himself.”

“As a prophetic worship leader and songwriter, many people have asked me about spontaneous or prophetic worship and, in ‘Releasing Heaven’s Song’, Roma has put into words everything I have struggled to articulate. This book is beautifully written, full of gems and practical application and often a gentle challenge to step out from our comfortable place of doing the same thing over and over into the realm of which we can bring down from Heaven something not yet sung on earth.”

Releasing Heaven’s Song is available on Amazon Kindle.