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Prophetic Songwriting – An Example

“Under my wings, there’s a new song to sing – that fits the shape of you”. 

One of my favourite things to do is craft a song out of a prophetic word. I have done this before also using corporate prophetic words spoken over our church and it’s a great and powerful way to align the song of the heart with the purposes and plans God has for us. 

He speaks from his mouth, and we affirm by singing the same things He is saying! That kind of alignment brings unity, reminds us of what He has spoken, and stops any negativity from trying to creep in to our soul once we have heard His promise. It’s a constant reminder before us of what He has promised.

This song is a prophetic word I received for a friend of mine. It was the strangest thing, I sat down and asked the Lord what he wanted to say, and I literally heard sounds from another realm! 

It doesn’t always happen like that, but I really like this new version of receiving Heaven’s download and will be trying it out a lot more!

For those not familiar with prophetic songwriting …

The simplest way I like to explain it is like this – Firstly, we can pray from our heart, or from a book or liturgy. Both are beautiful. As a singer, just as we can pray, I also also like share my heart spontaneously, as opposed to learning a song and replicating it musically. It’s not that one is better than the other, both are important and needed. It’s just learning to sense what’s right for the moment.

Secondly, writing prophetically can take the form of being a spontaneous song – that is, sung in the moment, on the spot, or, like this song, it was a spontaneous download, but then I crafted it a little bit. It’s probably not as polished as a song for a recording or congregational use. (Although it can be). And sometimes the prophetic song isn’t for congregational singing, like this one. This is a reflective piece sharing what I believe God’s heart is for people.

Its not perfect, it’s not the best song or the best singing in the world, but I just wanted to share my process to help you do it yourself for your communities, but also if you are needed to hear Jesus singing over you today I hope he does it with this song.

You can access if from my facebook page -or by clicking the image above. I hope it encourages you.