Identity Versus Disease – How Knowing Who You Are is Part of The Solution


My brain started whirling after I read an amazing article which you can access HERE, about a new organ that has been discovered in the human body.

What???? Ok that’s firstly pretty amazing that they have discovered a new organ after hundreds of years of medical research. Isn’t that mind blowing!!!!

BUT… I love what the specialist says about this new discovery and it got me thinking. 

He said..

“If you understand the function you can identify abnormal function, and then you have disease.”

So essentially he is saying “If we know what it does, it’s REASON, then we can work out whats not working, and what is causing disease in that area of the body”.

So true in life too…

If things aren’t working in our lives, the solution is not to look at the DIS-ease, or the things that are not working!

(Of course, there are so many elements as to why we become physcially sick and there is so much grace from Heaven as to how we navigate through that…I’ve had to do this myself :). BUT….

Part of The solution to DIS-ease in a life sense (not just sickness) is to look at our IDENTITY.

Why we were born, why we do what we do, what is our purpose on this earth?

When we understand that, it becomes visible to us that which does not work, that which is causing issues in our destiny and our walk.

I have always believed that a majority of our misdirection in life is because we just don’t know what we were born for, what really defines us, the special gifts that God has placed inside of us. We underestimate the value of who we are.

We look at others and think they ‘have got it all’. We are constantly comparing ourselves and feeling like we come up short.


It’s amazing that a majority of our issues in life come from not knowing our identity.

Something that has really hit me this past year is that unless we know how God sees us, and whose we are….and why He created us, we will never really truly know ourselves.

We will always be self doubters, roaming from one idea to the next in the hope that something in this life will spark our true genius and stop us from our desert wanderings.

We find our identity in identifying Him…..


In Matthew 16:13-20 we find the story where Jesus says to His disciples – “Who do you say that I am?”,

All the disciples referred to what OTHER people said.

“Some say you are John the Baptist.”

“Some say you are Elijah the prophet”.

Jesus persists.  “But who do YOU say that I am”?

He wasn’t interested in what other people say about Him. He wasn’t interested in other people’s revelations.

He wanted to know what they personally thought.

Eventually Peter says, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God…” 

And that’s when Jesus says “Upon this rock I will build my church”. 

We could believe that to mean that The Lord was going to build His church on Peter.

But what was Jesus really saying?

Was He saying “I will build my church on ME (which of course is the correct foundation)…

But was He also saying “When you understand WHO I AM….When you understand MY IDENTITY, then my church will be built!”. 

But then He takes it one step further….

The Lord reveals His thoughts when He replies….

“Blessed are you Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my father in Heaven. And I tell YOU that you are PETER….” (notice the name change BTW)

So in discovering who Jesus is….WE DISCOVER WHO WE ARE.


When we find out who we are – it is easier to identify what’s not working in our lives.

When we have a revelation of His Identity, which reveals our true identity….He will build His church!

My prayer for you is that you will discover who He really is, and whose you are.

My prayer is that you will truly discover who you were created to be…

Royalty created for a destiny and purpose greater than you can think or imagine.