God is releasing an entrepreneur anointing on Kingdom creatives

I believe God is about to bring a reformation amongst His creative leaders.

He is highlighting the worshippers, the dancers, the painters, designers, the songwriters, the singers, the poets, {INSERT YOU HERE}. Creatives are about to lead the way in destroying the works of the enemy!

For too long artists have believed a lie that to follow such passions means poverty and lack. There has been great passion and love for creative expression but it has come at a great cost. This has allowed a spirit of poverty to come upon us and meant that we operate from a place of ‘never enough’ constantly.

It is so prevalent that we have accepted it as normal. The term ‘suffer for our art’ has come out of this idea and it’s time to do away with this mindset and move into the abundance that God wants to release over you!

For those brave enough to hear the voice of the Lord in this season, there is going to come a complete turn around in financial and spiritual circumstances.

This is going to allow kingdom creatives to manifest such ideas the church has not yet seen. There will be a flourishing of the arts in such a way that a new reformation will take place.


In the 18th Century, the renaissance birthed the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michel Angelo. Not only were their ideas and concepts forward thinking, but they were financially blessed and did not lack as their gifts made way for them. Their concepts and art changed the course of history and changed culture. In fact, we are who we are today because of their contribution to the world. Wouldn’t you love to release a song, a painting, a poem, or lead worship and see that happen? I know I would. A supernatural renaissance among the creatives of the kingdom is about to take place  again, and your’e a part of it!


A few years ago we were struggling in debt to the point that we began to resent the ministry. Every time I recorded an album, wrote a book, or travelled somewhere, we would fall backwards financially, to the point where it would take months, even a year just to get back to zero. After 20 years of this, my husband and I became frustrated and began to look at other ways to survive financially – all of these ideas did not involve ministry at all. We just could not see how we could thrive and do ministry. We felt stuck, because worship was all I had known. I didn’t have any other skills!

It was in this season that I began to think about taking on some work that I had previously not enjoyed. But I knew it was financially stable. We were caught in the tension of providing for our kids and living the call that God had ordained upon us. It was at this point that I prayed a prayer that would radically change our lives.

“God give me an idea that will help us financially”. 

It was this simple prayer that catapulted us into a destiny that we could have never imagined. As I prayed these words over the course of a few months, an idea began to form in my head. But this idea was outside of my comfort zone, and beyond my current skill set. Now, 2 years later, we have seen The Lord radically transform our financial situation with this one idea. It has allowed us to do more creatively, become financially stable, and best of all – train others up in the arts and ministry.

2 years ago, this idea felt completely foreign to me and I doubted that I could even accomplish it. It was so beyond the drudge of what we had been doing, beyond what I thought were my talents, even beyond what I would have ever imagined. Yet, in that moment, God was answering that prayer by  giving me an idea that would transform our world.


As I was thanking the Lord recently and pondering this, He clearly spoke to me and said “I am releasing an entrepreneurial anointing amongst my kingdom creatives. It’s time for them to step out of poverty so they can truly create what they were born for!” 

As exciting as this is, it will not be easy. For some, it will require a complete mindset shift as you re-think core beliefs you have had about yourself and your calling. But if you will be brave enough, God will release ideas to you that will radically shift your life into a higher calling where more of His gift will be released through you.

I believe there is some strategy involved in positioning ourselves for this new Heavenly download:

Ask God for an idea

It’s a simple as that. Ask Him to reveal an idea to you that will help you become financially sustainable. Then just wait. Ask everyday if you have to. I asked for months! Eventually, an idea began to form that I knew was not my own. It took time because it was so different that what I had expected – it took me a while to truly hear what the Lord was saying.


It may be completely different from what you expected or have known

I have a friend who is a painter who also has made money buying homes and renting them out as Air Bnb’s. I have another friend who is renovating houses on the side and has made a lot of money doing so. Another one of my friends is making money with bitcoin. These ideas are different than their artistic expression yet it has brought great fulfilment to them and provided for them in radical ways. Because of this they are able to create at a higher level without the tension of lack.

When I prayed for the Lord to give me an idea, I started to think of setting up a music school. I had done this in previous years and I enjoyed it, but it was still ‘money for time’ . It would require a lot of my time, a lot of one on one with people, and setting it up from home which meant it would disrupt our family life as we had students streaming in on a constant basis. Now, it wasn’t a BAD idea, it would certainly financially provide for us, but it would take up a lot of time, and I would most likely have to cut down how I served ministry wise. So this idea, although it seemed the most profitable and practical, was also going take the biggest chunk of our time. For me to really hear what God was saying, I had to change my mindset.

When the idea finally came and I knew it was the Lord, it was so different than what I expected. He said, “Roma, how about creating online courses?” At first I laughed. I had no skills to do that or even the confidence to do it. Now, two years on and 16,000 students later, it has been a transformational idea that has allowed me to minister to more people than I could ever have imagined (including in my sleep)! And guess what? I’m more creative than I have ever been!


It will be entrepreneurial in nature 

What is an entrepreneur? It is someone who is forward thinking, a leader. A person who is willing to take risks and try something new. Essentially this person is a pioneer. It is not someone who blindly works 9-5 in a job they hate to get a pay check at the end of the      week.

An entrepreneur thinks beyond just ‘making a living’, BUT, they are also always thinking of how their ideas can be financially sustainable. The biggest thing I have learned in these last few years is that being in creative ministry doesn’t mean you have to be broke. There are ideas and strategies God want’s to release to you that will help you provide for your family and leave an inheritance not just for the nations with your art…but for your children!

Does this mean we must treat the ministry like a business? Absolutely not! But God wants to release to you ways that you can serve the kingdom that are also financially sustainable. Why? When you are provided for, you can release more of yourself and your gift. You will no longer hold back! You will be fully immersed in the delight of your calling!


We must denounce a poverty spirit that has tried to seep into the identity of God Artists across the globe.

For too long we have thought these two concepts go hand in hand – if you are an artist, you must suffer financially. For too long I have seen worship leaders, songwriters, painters and dancers fully giving themselves to their churches and ministries, consistently struggling. We have been those people. Of course it’s not about the money, but this idea that we must ‘suffer for art’ is a lie the enemy is using to restrict creatives to only release a portion of what is in them.

It’s time to challenge this core belief and pray against a spirit of poverty that has tried to strangle us.  I have a friend who has done this recently. They began to call back the wealth from their generations that had been stolen. They challenged the idea that musicians needed to be poor. This person has seen a complete turn around – from crippling debt to extreme abundance. It’s time to rebuke a spirit of poverty and live in the abundance the Lord has for you!

So today, if this is you, ask God for an idea. Think outside your current box. Denounce a poverty spirit and begin to call back the wealth of the generations that have gone before you. You are about to shine. You are about to challenge the kingdom of darkness with your gift fully alive. I speak blessing and favour of you and your ideas and I stand with you as kingdom creatives to release breakthrough with the sights and sounds of Heaven over the Earth.