A few nights ago I dreamt that I was looking out a window into nothingness.

All I could see was a clear blue and it was as if I was 1,000 foot high looking out straight into sky. I could barely see the bottom but as I looked far down I could see a huge expanse of ocean.

As I looked out, fear gripped my heart and I thought: “Well I’m glad I’m here and not out there- I would die if I was out there!”.

As I said this, all of the sudden the Lord was standing next to me and he said,  “Go on, jump out”.

Immediately I felt panic, but I still did what he asked, and crawled out the window to dive into the sky.

As I entered the vast blue, I began to clamour and claw at the atmosphere as I felt myself falling at an alarming pace.

It was as if in the struggle I would be able to hold myself up and avert the danger of hitting the water and drowning.

I could feel the wind ripping at my cheeks and could hear it’s intimidating roar in my ears.

I had no wings, no parachute, no back up plan. This was it.

How could I have been so foolish and jumped out without a “second option” in case something went wrong!? I began to feel I had been unwise.

Then all of the sudden the Lord said,  “Stop fighting”…

As he said this I relaxed into the sky. I arched my back and looked up and stopped looking down. I completely let go of trying to protect myself or brace from a fall. Sink or swim, it no longer mattered.

As I did this my whole demeanour and perspective changed.

Instead of intimidating winds rushing past me, I felt a summer breeze lapping at my hair. I felt warmth. I felt complete peace, rest and ease. And I began to completely enjoy the feeling of free falling. It was as if I did not have a care in the world.

Then the Lord said, “You don’t need to worry- you are never going to hit the bottom- if you just rest in the free falling you can fly forever! It’s the struggle that causes the downfall.”

Wow! Is it really that simple? I thought. Then I woke up.

What are You struggling with today? Are you feeling overwhelmed and as if you must clamour and crawl just to prevent yourself from drowning? Are you using a lot of effort but still feeling as if you’re treading air and getting nowhere? It might be time, like me, to surrender to free falling, enjoy the ride, knowing God has got you. You won’t drown, you won’t fail and you won’t die if you trust Him.

Here’s to a day of free falling!

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