Finding your ‘Sound’

I want to speak in to those of you who are looking to find your sound as a worshipper, artist, song leader, that I wish someone had told me when I first started in worship ministry. It’s a term we use a lot – ‘finding our sound’ – but what does it really mean?

When I first started in worship ministry, to quote a line from one of my own songs πŸ™‚ β€œI was trying hard to be somebody – I forgot how to play myself.” I think we can do this a lot – in trying to find our authentic voice, we replicate what we see is the latest sound or style in worship.

There’s nothing wrong with learning from global voices…just as long as it’s not at the expense of your own style and sound.

Being YOU, is one of the highest and most honourable gifts you can give back to the Father, and the world.

So if anything, this post is to encourage you to really explore that and I give you, as a momma, permission to rise up and to release that real authentic song God has placed on the inside of you.

In my experience, heres are some things I have learned in discovering how to unravel the song and sound that God is wanting to release in you. These are some ideas to inspire you and are by no means exhaustive, but what I feel is on my heart today:


This is a big one. Let’s not dismiss what has come before us in the worship movements of the ages. This can be as simple as age old hymns, to movements that have been around a long time like Planetshakers or Hillsong.

Let me say this – we rest on the shoulders of the sounds that have gone before us. It’s because of their sound that we are able to release ours. They have pioneered and there will be some setbacks and obstacles we will never experience thanks to them paving a road.

When we honour those who have gone before us, we are able to partner and participate in what God has released through them already.

We become part of the bigger picture.

I want to also add that God is not in the business of retirement – so when a new sound is released…it’ doesn’t mean that what we think is the ‘old’ sound dissipates. Some movements are also incredible in the way they can really invent and move forward as the times change. So what has been around for a long time, may still be around for a long time! Honour that, embrace that, don’t dismiss something because its old to you, or you don’t like it.

Honour will release you into your own sound.

I’m amazed at some movements that just stay fresh with the seasons – I’m grateful for Hillsong and Planetshakers who I feel have done this well over the years. I honour their leaders and the fruit of their ministry.

If Jesus is the voice of many waters – that is many frequencies and sounds all happening at once – then many sounds is what makes a beautiful, creative, effective, worshipping church…like a glorious waterfall!

I would rather be a part of the waterfall than a single drop of water. So in honouring those who have gone before you, you also join in with the anthem they have been singing, to create an awestruck, majestic throng of worship that cascades over the church.

So today, why don’t you spend some time when you are praying asking God to move through you and your songs, honouring the movements around you. Thank God for them. Ask God to bless them. Ask God to continue pouring favour upon them.


Rick Pino posted an awesome video recently that totally summed up what this means.

Someone asked the question; β€œHow to you know if you are ready to be father/mother and transition from being a daughter/son?”

He said it so perfectly – when you are ready to watch someone pass you by and you stand back and cheer them on! You are delighted when people go further than you. You are just as passionate in raising up others as you are about people knowing about ‘your stuff’. You are hungry to disciple worshippers to advance and release…even if that means they have more success than you do.

The cool thing about this way of living is, God will never put you out to pasture! You always have an important role to play – but what it will instil into you is an ease to re-invent what you release and how you release the gifts inside you according to what is needed for the season. (yes, in case you are wondering… I speak from experience:)

You are also never too young to have this mindset – always be thinking about how you can help raise up others just like you.

Think abut how you feel when you succeed in writing that great song, or seeing a congregation come alive as you facilitate their worship through your music. How can you deposit that in others?

Think about how you feel when you fail or things are hard – how can you encourage others going through the same thing? It’s powerful to always be thinking of others and it will release more in you.

Most people are afraid to champion others because they feel it means it will diminish what is happening in their own lives – but it’s not how the Kingdom of Heaven operates.

There’s room for everyone! There is room for your expression and there is room for others – you will learn how to mould and adapt to what is needed, and you will love where God places you each season.

This is the heart of a father/mother, and in having that mindset, your own gifts have more authority and power as the years go on. It’s a win win situation!


Sometimes it takes days, sometimes months….sometimes years…

In places of hiddenness will you still release your song?

Will you still sing and write for the pleasure of the father? Stay the course – don’t give up.

Did you know that sometimes what you are sensing in your writing is not even for the season you are currently in?

As a prophetic people, you must hold fast and write and worship regardless of who sees and hears. I have experienced this many times and at first it was frustrating – to write something you know was a download from the Lord, but see that no one catches the vision…only to see it released years later and bear great fruit. Don’t give up on those songs and moments – just stay the course and be consistent!


The source of all inspiration and creativity is our Papa God. Oh he desires to be closer to us than we could ever Β imagine.

Let us not be swayed by public opinion or the busyness of ministry.

Let us not be enamoured by the shiny tin’s and whistles that can come with being known by others. But rather, let us delight ourselves with being in the Father’s throne room daily, hearing his heartbeat, asking him what HE thinks of our songs.

Desire those moments where you hear Him say β€œHey son/daughter, play me that song you wrote again, I would love to hear it”… you see him pull up a chair an sit next to you, tapping to the rhythm, singing the melody and cheering you on…

…telling you; β€œHey child, I hum this song as I’m walking through the hallways of Heaven, because I love your song, its special to me”.

He loves your song and he loves your sound. He loves YOU. Now, go release it and change atmospheres.

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