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Prophetic Songwriting – An Example

“Under my wings, there’s a new song to sing – that fits the shape of you”.  One of my favourite things to do is craft a song out of a prophetic word. I have done this before also using corporate prophetic words spoken over our church and it’s a great and powerful way to align the song of the heart with the purposes and plans … Continue reading Prophetic Songwriting – An Example

What Makes A Great Worship Song?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great worship song? What makes a travel across the world to be sung in both stadiums and the local church? Here are some of my thoughts…. 1. They are theologically sound and therefore cross denominational boundaries. A song that carries the truths of the Gospel will travel miles further than a song that carries denominational truths. A denominational … Continue reading What Makes A Great Worship Song?

When To Record A Church Worship Album

Over the years I have often been asked to be an advisor for church worship recordings and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t during the process. I have a heart to see church worship teams fulfil their calling in their communities and be all they were called for, being encouraged through the process to grow both musically and spiritually. Here are some thoughts on … Continue reading When To Record A Church Worship Album

What Science Says About Your Spiritual Song

As a worship leader, artist, or songwriter, you have a spiritual song, an authentic sound that is unique to you. This is seen in the culture of an East African tribe. When a couple wants to conceive, the woman goes away to be alone until she hears the song of her unborn child. Once she believes she has heard it, she returns to the village … Continue reading What Science Says About Your Spiritual Song