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Prophetic Songwriting – An Example

“Under my wings, there’s a new song to sing – that fits the shape of you”.  One of my favourite things to do is craft a song out of a prophetic word. I have done this before also using corporate prophetic words spoken over our church and it’s a great and powerful way to align the song of the heart with the purposes and plans … Continue reading Prophetic Songwriting – An Example

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The Day I Resigned From Church So I Could Do My Job

Finding Your Passion and Purpose to align with Your Function A few years ago when on staff at a local church, we did an exercise where we wrote down what percentage we spent of our time on different activities in our ministry role. My results shocked me. And it’s one of the reasons I resigned. You see, I was asked to come on staff to … Continue reading The Day I Resigned From Church So I Could Do My Job

Dealing with Disappointment & Rejection

I posted a video on my facebook page about how I deal with disappointment and rejection and got so many comments that I thought I would share some of my thoughts here as well. You don’t need to be an artist to have experienced rejection; you just need to be a human being! Most people have experienced some sort of rejection in their lives. Even … Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment & Rejection